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Most writing on startups and growth is unoriginal and overly-broad. The writing you’ll find here makes new arguments, and offers specific examples.

Prasid set up an analytical framework that allowed us to scale up performance marketing while maintaining costs. He has a unique ability to push teams to focus on data and draw actionable insights.” - Ryan Valles, CEO of Interview Kickstart

What is a Growth CMO?

Marketing has changed. As software has eaten the world, marketing has become more measurable, and we can now hold marketing teams accountable for revenue.

A new type of CMO has emerged, a Growth CMO, who leverages technology and data to grow. And who is ready and eager to be accountable for revenue.

About Prasid

I’m a fractional CMO working with high-growth startups such as Pencil (recently accepted into YC), Coding Dojo, and MIRROR (acquired by Lululemon). I’ve also consulted with larger enterprises like Twilio.

I was previously Head of Marketing at Codecademy, Director of Marketing at SoFi, and started my career at Microsoft.

I’ve advised and consulted for over 20 companies since 2019. In another life I might have been a teacher: I love helping founders and marketing teams become better marketers, and that’s what this newsletter is all about. If you’re a startup ready to grow, get in touch.

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In a world of increasing CACs, shrinking budgets, and tech layoffs, a startup CMO grapples with growth.


Founder of @goairframe, a growth marketing consultancy. Fractional CMO at XetHub and growth consultant at Booksy. Ex- Head of Revenue at @codecademy, @trybloc, @easyknock. Ex- @SoFi, @MSFT